GALLERY 03: Eastpak - The Birds

This is Snack Inc's follow-up to their similarly bizarre Eastpak spot, in which circus freaks presented a disembodied head with a backpack as a birthday present. In 'The Birds', a happy young couple's holiday goes horribly wrong, thanks to a flock of Hitchcockesque pigeons. Only their rucksacks survive the attack. Frederic Vercheval's music deserves a special mention, moving from '60s French lullaby to ominous gloom. Vicious storms and recalcitrant pigeons were the primary obstacles to the Prague shoot, but these difficulties are belied by the easy spontaneity of the resulting film.

Product/client: Eastpak

Agency: FCB

Gulledelle 98

1200 Brussels


t: +32 2 776 0222

f: +32 2 776 0220

Creative Director: Francois Nilliex

Creative Team: Philipe Hollander, Joel Lafontaine (original script),

Frederick Petitejean, Domenico De Nico

Production company: SAB

120 Bld Reyers

1030 Brussels


t: +32 2 736 2052

f: +32 2 732 1669

Director: Snack Inc

Producer: Isabelle Heinrichs

Director of Photography: Glynn Speeckhaert

Post-production company: Ace Editing Facilities

rue Victor

Oudartstraat 3-5

1030 Brussels


t: +32 2 735 6020

f: +32 2 734 0963

Editor: Mark Rees

Music: Federic Vercheval

Inferno Artist: Francis

Sound Design: 3D Nozon, Thomas Resimont