GALLERY 04: Nova FM - Boobies, Gym

If these ads are anything to go by, Nova FM is definitely worth tuning in to. The voiceover dares us to make our mornings more 'interesting' and that seems to have happened for the characters in these funny and typically Australian-humoured ads. Directing duo 'Dog-Boy' have created four spots for the radio station's breakfast show with such tantalising and teasing twists that it would be hard not to be tempted.


Product/client: Nova FM

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne

424 St Kilda Road

Melbourne VIC 3004


T: +61 2 9868 5000

F: +61 2 9868 5011


Production company: Renegade Films (Australia)

Top Floor

Maples Lane

Prahan VIC 3186


T: +61 3 9539 3999

F: +61 3 9529 3699


Director: Dogboy

Producer: Fiona McGregor