GALLERY 05: Jody Moroni's - Various

These unashamed ads target the greedy amongst us by reminding us that our gut instinct is always right. A series of comical vignettes showing people removing themselves from dangerous situations demonstrates the power of the gut reaction. Great casting and voice-over - plus the bizarre use of bagpipe music - makes these ads instantly likeable and award-worthy.

Product/client: Jody Moroni's

Agency: FunCryHappy

New York


Art Director: FunCryHappy

Writer: FunCryHappy

Production company: Morton Jankel Zander

2201 Carmelina Av

Los Angeles CA 90064



T: +1 310 826 6200

F: +1 310 826 6219


Director: Eric King; Headquarters

Producer: Darrin Ball

Director of Photography: Sal Totino

Post-production company: Rock Paper Scissors

517 North Almont Drive

Los Angeles



T: +1 310 859 9604

F: +1 310 859 0119

Editor: JD Smyth

Sound Designs: Zak Fisher; POP Sound

Stephen Dickson; POP Sound