GALLERY 06: Johnnie Walker - Fish

Daniel Kleinman's exhilarating ad opens beneath the sea with a large shoal of fish. But, yes, there's something fishy going on. Watch closely and you can quickly make out each fish is actually human, a brilliantly realised feat of CGI. Ten stunt swimmers - joined by computer-generated clones - then break through the surface and make for shore, jumping dolphin-like over a stirring dance track. Pulled along on cords by the crew, the swimmers wore transparent Perspex flippers to enhance their exuberant, graceful movements.

Product/client: Johnnie Walker

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

60 Kingly St

London W1R 6DS


T: +44 20 7734 1677

F: +44 20 7437 3666


Creative Director: John O'keefe

Agency Producer: Amy Sugdon

Art Director: Neil Dawson

Writer: Clive Pickering

Production company: Spectre

48 Beak Street

London W1R 3DA


T: +44 20 7851 2000

F: +44 20 7851 2001


Director: Danny Kleinman

Producer: Johnny Frankel

Director of Photography: Ivan Bird

Post-production company: Framestore CFC

9 Noel St

London W1V 4AL


T: +44 20 7208 2600

F: +44 20 7208 2626


Editor: Steve Gandolfi; Cut&Run

Music: Roha; Soundtree Music.