GALLERY 06: Simple Suncream - Pretty Girl

Superb casting and camerawork makes this a toe-curling classic and an unusual approach within the category. Although the concept of a product as an irritant repellent is not a new idea, it is carried off brilliantly by slick writing and art direction, and injects a healthy dose of humour. Seeing the action from the horizontal point of view of our hero's victim means viewers are also treated to an eye-popping view. In case you're wondering, those twitching trunks were created using Soho's best sex toys, and not Inferno.

Product/client: Simple For Men

Agency and Production company: Independent Films

3rd Floor

7A Langley Street

London WC2H 9JA


T: +44 20 7845 7474

F: +44 20 7845 7475


Director: US

Director of Photography: Moritz Steiger

Post-production company: Condor Post Production

Willemsparkweg 80

1071 HL Amsterdam


T: +31 20 671 2600

F: +31 20 675 0924