GALLERY 07: Adidas - Neon Basketball, Slide Skate

Showing sportswear being used for purposes other than mainstream sport has become a popular strategy, as this ad and the Nike work this month demonstrate. These spots, however, triumph by virtue of being convincingly offbeat and fun to watch, with genuinely surprising twists. 'Neon Basketball' starts with the intriguing sight of a basketball-player in a lurid pink headscarf and wristbands, which the denouement explains beautifully - the game is being played in total darkness under ultra-violet light. 'Slide Skate' shows the foolhardy daring of skateboarders with big ambitions.

Product/client: Adidas

Agency: 180

Keizersgracht 253

1016 eb Amsterdam


t: +31 20 4222 180

f: +31 20 6250 012


Creative Directors: Lorenzo De Rita, Ollie Watson

Art Director: Laen Sanches

Writer: Simeon Roane

Agency Producer: Sid Daffarn

Production company: Bonkers

Stromarkt 15

1012 SW Amsterdam


t: +31 20 320 3131

f: +31 20 320 3132


Director: Matthijs van Heijningen

Producer: Saskia Kok

Director of Photography: Joost van Gelder

Post-production company: Hectic Electric

Keizersgracht 736



t: +31 20 330 8250

f: +31 20 330 8251

Editor: Jono Griffith; Ernest Edits

Music: Massive Music/Techno Animal