Gallery 07: Omo - Beach Art

The style may be twee but this ad is notable for two reasons. It is claimed to be one of the most expensive commercials within the category, and secondly, it adopts a different strategy from rival ads by making dirt the hero not the enemy. The strategy allows a departure from the usual cliches such as scientific tests and obsessive housewives. Instead of presenting dirt as a problem, it is celebrated and glorified with arty black and white visuals and an emotive soundtrack.

Product/client: Omo/Unilever

Agency: Lowe

Bowater House

68-114 Knightsbridge

London SW1X 7LT


T: +44 20 7584 5033

F: +44 20 7584 9557


Creative Director: Adrian Holmes

Agency Producer: Tony Oppe

Art Director: David Christensen

Writer: Adrian Holmes

Production company:

140 Wardour Street

London W1F 8ZT


T: +44 20 7432 6800

F: +44 20 7432 6899


Director: Gregor Nicholas

Producer: Scott Horan

Director of Photography: John Toon

Post-production company: Red Square

21 Great Titchfield Street

Circus House, 4th Floor

London W1W 8BA


T: +44 20 7580 1880

F: +44 20 7580 1890

Editor: Alex Hagon

Music: Joe & Co