GALLERY 07: Spec spot - Australian Story

The Glue Society is a British freelance copywriting/directing collective - Jonathan Kneebone and Gary Freedman - who have been living in Australia for the past decade. The pair have immersed themselves in the local culture but have also been able to take a step back to view the nation's idiosyncracies. These are often pastiched in their work and Australian Story is perhaps the clearest example. A spoof of soaps, such as Neighbours, features some brilliant over-the-top acting. But the hilarity doesn't stop there and clever editing produces a crazy twist.

Production company:

140 Wardour Street

London W1F 8ZT, UK

T: +44 20 7432 6800

F: +44 20 7432 6899


Directors: The Glue Society (Gary Freedman, Jonathan Kneebone)

Producer: Nicole Richardson

Post-production company: Omnilab

22-24 Albany St

Crow's Nest

NSW 2065


T: +61 2 9439 6600

F: +61 2 9438 4050


Editor: Danny Tait

Sound Design: Take 2 Creative Audio