GALLERY 08: Midas - Gremlin, Yugo

Tongue-in-cheek humour is used to tackle people's scepticism about car repair shops. The aim is to stand out in a category which usually goes for dull, informative ads - not gremlins under the bonnet. Our favourite, however, plays on the Yugo, a much derided car in the US. As well as an amusing scenario and interesting casting, the ad also suggests that honesty is an important brand value - not something typically high on a car mechanic's agenda.

Product/client: Midas

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

375 Hudson Street

8th Floor

New York NY 10014


T: +1 212 463 3200


Creative Director: Eric Silver

Agency Producer: Jason Gaboriau

Writers: William Gelner, Dan Kelleher, Richard Bullock

Production company: Omaha Pictures

1040 N Las Palmas Av

Bldg 7B

Los Angeles CA 90038



T: +1 213 860 8090

F: +1 213 860 8091


Director: Paul Gay

Producer: Jason Kemp

Directors of Photography

Ed Lachman

Julian Whatley

Post-production company: Mackenzie Cutler

907 Broadway

5th Floor

New York NY 10010

New York


T: +1 212 979 2722

Editors: Gavin Cutler; Dave Koza

Flame Artists: Dave Smith

Barnsley;The Mill

Inferno Artist

Dave Elkins; Spontaneous Combustion


Dusan Strugar; The Mill; Nick Lloyd