Gallery 08: Orange - Spike Lee, Carrie Fisher

It's a brave client who doesn't mind being ridiculed and it's probably only clients like Orange and agencies like Mother who are prepared to stick their neck out like this. Yet by doing so, Orange appears more credible and down-to-earth as opposed to the corporate 'other'. A raft of stars were drafted in to create this entertaining campaign which highlights Orange's association with film. Top performances from both the stars and the Orange personnel ensure our attention is held until the final frame.

Product/client: Orange

Agency: Mother

200 St Johns St

London EC1V 4RN


T: +44 20 7689 0689

F: +44 20 7689 1689


Creative Director: Robert Saville

Agency Producer: Sarah Case

Art Director: Luke Williamson

Writer: Yan Elliott

Production company: Hungry Man

428 Broadway

6th Floor

New York 10013

New York


T: +1 212 625 5600

F: +1 212 625 5699


Director: Bryan Buckley

Producer: Kevin Byrne

Director of Photography: Adam Beckman

Post-production company: VTR

64 Dean St

London W1V 5HG


T: +44 20 7437 0026

F: +44 20 7439 9427


Editor: Andrea MacArthur; Peepshow