GALLERY 09: BMW - Rear View Mirror

A simple idea for BMW Spain in which we view a series of images from a driver's point of view, saying 'adios' to memories and 'hola' to what's coming. Shot on 35mm in Barcelona, Brugia took long track shots from 12 metres and pulled back to reflect the 'leaving behind' idea. The editor's main aim was to create a smooth link between the images, using Inferno to avoid broken images and TK to create such lively colours.

Product/client: BMW

Agency: S,C,P,F

Calatrava 71

Barcelona 08017


T: +34 934 34 34 34

F: +34 934 34 34 35


Creative Directors: Toni Segarra, David Caballero

Agency Producer: Nicolas Paniagua

Art Directors: Marion Donneweg, Francesc Badia

Writers: Pipo Virgos, Jorge Virgos

Production company: The Family

Via Ariosto 6

20145 Milan


T: +39 02 4851 9711


Director: Federico Brugia

Producer: Paloma Gardoqui

Director of Photography: Paco Femenia

Post-production company: La Truka

C/Portbou 6

08028 Barcelona


T: +34 93 339 4500

F: +34 93 491 1716


Editor: Quique Garcia

Sound Design: Chema