GALLERY 10: Daimler Crysler - Cat

This is a tour de force - but it was no picnic to make. A new camera, a Phantom V5 1K high res videocam moved around the falling moggy on a circular path. To achieve the slo-mo, the camera accelerated from 0km/h to 80km/h in less than a second. The immense volume of data that the camera generated was then handled by a studio-stage loaded with computers and network technicians. The weight of the camera - just 3lbs, also enabled the talented Levi to achieve his ambitious goals.

Product/client: Daimler Crysler

Agency: Springer & Jacoby Advertising

Post Str. 37-39

20354 Hamburg


T: +49 40 3560 30

F: +49 40 35 60 33 44


Creative Directors: Stefan Meske, Arno Lindemann

Agency Producer: Oliver Bison

Art Director: Heiko Schmidt

Writer: Helen Kotter

Production company: GAP Films

Thiersch Str. 20 rgb

80538 Munchen


T: +49 89 290 0140

F: +49 89 290 01414


Director: Daniel Levi

Producer: Oliver Loessl

Sfx/Vfx/Pp Supervisor

Bruce Steele

Writer: Igor Patalas

Post-production company: Das Werk

Osterwaldstr 10