GALLERY 10: ICN - Volunteer

Ads for charities often fall into the trap of obvious sentimentality, giving the viewer an excuse to switch off. This dramatic ad forces us to sit up and look, by using a dark plot and unexpected twist. It demonstrates how much charities rely on volunteers without directly asking for help. We follow the kidnap victim through a harrowing journey, before he is roughly forced into a clown's costume and out in front of an audience of disabled children.

Product/client: ICN

Agency: McCann-Erickson Praha

Riegrovy Sady 28

120 00 Praha 2

Czech Republic

T: +420 2 2200 9111

F: +420 2 627 1202


Creative Directors: Kjel Bryngell, Philip Pec

Agency Producer: Roxana Pfeffermannova

Art Directors: Tereza Viznerova, Anna Mala

Writer: Juraj Janis

Production company: Dawson Production

Pstrossova 21

Prague 1

Czech Republic

T: +420 2 24 9999 11

F: +420 2 24 9999 23


Director: Tomas Masin

Producers: Robert Hejduk, Fady Salameh

Director of Photography: Martin Ruhe

Post-production company: UPP

Zitomirsk 7 Street

Vrsovice Prague

Czech Republic

T: +420 2 7172 2121


Editor: Petr Turyna

Music: Trans Global Underground

Flame Artist: Viktor Muller

Sound Design: Pavel Rjeholec