GALLERY 10: Ikea - Laptop Wash, Storage

BMF takes a humorous approach in two 30-second ads for two different product categories: adventure toys for children and storage systems. A mother watches lovingly as her little girl does the washing up until she sees a soapy laptop on the draining board. The message is simple - buy better toys so children won't mess with yours. In 'Storage' a guy searching for love is ditched twice - first for being too messy and then for being gay when he cleans his act up a little too much.

Product/client: Ikea

Agency: Brown Melhuish Fishlock

PO Box 537

Darlinghurst NSW 2010


T: +61 2 9552 7000

F: +61 2 9281 9929


Art Directors: Andrew Ostrom (Laptop), Dejan Rasic (Storage)

Writers: Andrew Petch (Laptop), Matt Keon(Storage)

Production company ('Storage')

Visual Narrative


Director: Grant Matthews

Producer: Luisa Peters

Production company ('Laptop Wash')

Great Southern Films

53 Park Street

South Melbourne VIC


T: +61 3 9699 6466

F: +61 3 9699 6400


Director: Vicki Blanche