Gallery 11: Stella - Broken Fall

This latest spot is by no means of the epic proportions of Glazer's 'Devil's Island' but at least the plot is free from unnecessary complications. We open on a snowy landscape and an old truck delivering a precious cargo - barrels of Stella - so care and attention are prerequisites. But disaster strikes as the driver slips, sending a barrel hurtling down the mountain. Yet as long as a drop isn't spilled, any other damage can be shrugged off with a wry smile.

Product/client: Stella Artois/Interbrew

Agency: Lowe

Bowater House

68-114 Knightsbridge

London SW1X 7LT


T: +44 20 7584 5033

F: +44 20 7584 9557


Creative Director: Paul Weinberger

Agency Producer: Russell Benson

Art Director: Steve Williams

Writer: Adrian Lim

Production company: Spectre

48 Beak Street

London W1R 3DA


T: +44 20 7851 2000

F: +44 20 7851 2001


Director: Daniel Kleinman

Producer: Johnnie Frankel

Director of Photography: Stephen Blackman

Post-production company: The Mill

40-41 Gt Marlborough St

London W1F 7JQ


T: +44 20 7287 4041

F: +44 20 7734 8315


Editor: Steve Gandolfi; Cut & Run

Music: Joe & Co