GALLERY 13: Private View - Lotto

"I really love this film. Even though it's an ad for the lottery, it is low key and doesn't show the rich, hysterical millionaire, but a local winner filling up his car in his village gas station going about his normal, everyday life. Over the past ten years, New Deal DDB has produced some excellent films for this brand. I think the concept is absolutely brilliant and really enjoy the way it's been filmed, projecting an easy, relaxed manner."

Client/Title: Lotto/'Gas Station'

Agency: New Deal DDB

Wergelandsveieim 21

PO 7084

Oslo 03036


T: +47 22 59 32 00

F: +47 22 59 32 99


Agency Producer: Guony Hummelvoll

Art Director: Ingvar Moi

Writer: Ivar Vereioe

Production company: Big Deal Film

PO Box 7084


0306 Oslo


T: +47 22 593 200

F: +47 22 593 259


Director: Marius Holst

Producers: Peter Boe

Guony Hummelvol

Director of Photography: John Christian Rosenlund