GALLERY 13: Siemens - Turkey

Wieden & Kennedy employ a creatively obscure concept to avoid what could have been just another dull product demonstration. The new C55 phone allows users to record any sound and use it as a ring tone. While turkey gobbles may not be music to everyone's ears, it certainly drives home the message in an unusual and noticeable way. Baderman's casting and direction helps to effectively portray this bizarre situation.


Product/client: Siemens

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

PO Box 2145

1000 CC Amsterdam


T: +31 20 621 3100

F: +31 20 621 3299


Creative Directors: Irene Kugelmann, Jeff Kling

Art Director: Richard Walker

Copywriter: Carlos Furnari

Production company: All Films

19 Margaret Street

3rd Floor

London W1N 7LD


T: +44 20 7612 0190

F: +44 20 7612 0199


Director: Brian Baderman

Producer: Ron Redel

Editor: Ian Davies

Post-production company: The Film Editors

6-10 Lexington St

London W1R 3HS


T: +44 20 7439 8655

Editor: Ian Davies

Inferno Artist

Matt; The Mill

Sound Design: Niglel; 750mph