Gallery 13: Visa - Various

Visa has adopted a more friendly tone in a series of scenarios which aim to appeal to a younger audience. Using voice-over and nicely-shot vignettes, the ads show how Visa can play a part in the future - however it may turn out. The protagonist's imaginings are beautifully brought to life by Van Heijningen as we follow their attempts to realise their dreams. And the twist at the end means the ads avoid the trap of becoming overly earnest.

Product/client: Visa

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

80 Charlotte St

London W1A 1AQ


T: +44 20 7636 5060

F: +44 20 7637 8489

Creative Director: John Pallant

Agency Producer: Vic Saunders

Art Directors: Ajab Singh, Phil Clarke

Writers: John Pallant, Joel Bradley

Production company: Outsider

2nd Floor

41-42 Foley Street

London W1P 7LD


T: +44 20 7636 6666

F: +44 20 7323 0242


Director: Matthijs van Heijningen

Producer: Anna Hashmi

Director of Photography: Joost van Gelder

Post-production company: Triangle TV

81 Whitfield Street

London W1A 4XA


T: +44 20 7255 5222

F: +44 20 7255 5216

Editor: Jono Griffiths; J Bongo

Music: John Altman; Jeff Wayne Music

Flame Artist: Mark Beardall

Sound Design: Triangle