GALLERY 14: Audi - Various

"Vorsprung durch Technik" has become one of the most famous slogans within advertising but Audi recently asked its agency to sum up its brand with just one word - Vorsprung. To convey this 'advantage' without adopting a self-congratulatory or arrogant stance was a challenge and one which was overcome by using cute but clever creatures. Hence we see snails, frogs and turtles in simple and amusing scenarios, so clearly expressing 'Vorsprung' that cutting to the car is entirely unnecessary.

Product/client: Audi

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, RS-T&M (Cape)

PO Box 1142

8000 Cape Town

South Africa

T: +27 21 461 6212

F: +27 21 465 6508


Creative Director: Juan Scott

Agency Producer: Kathy Scharrer

Art Director: Andrew Grant

Writer: Juan Scott

Production company: Peter Gird Productions

Avalon 1

Hope St Gardens

8010 Cape Town

South Africa

T: +27 21 455520

F: +27 21 461 9290


Director: Michael Middleton

Producer: Petar Jadrijevich

Post-production company: Sabrina O'Sullivan Post Production

South Africa

T: +27 11 880 9078

Editor: Sabrina O'Sullivan

Flame Artist: Jaco Kraamwinkel

Sound Design: Rob Schroeder