GALLERY 15: Discovery Channel - Nature's Call

Using sun-drenched images of a rural African idyll, this spot scores highly on casting, camerawork, lighting, sound, art direction and location - it looks like Kenya, but it's a short drive from Cape Town. Shot without dialogue, Graham ensures that the ad's message - that 25,000 people die per day from lack of clean water - will work well across the globe. The juxtaposition of idealised imagery with an unromantic message ensures the viewer is fully engaged.

Product/client: Discovery Channel

Agency: DDB Singapore

Creative Directors: Scott Lambert, Tim Evill

Agency Producer: Anita Toh

Writer: Craig Rosenthal

Production company: Giant Films

Top Floor

Radio House

92 Loop Street

8001 Cape Town

South Africa

T: +27 21 422 1321

F: +27 21 221 431


Director: Ian Gabriel

Producer: Cindy Gabriel

Director of Photography: Tim Pike

Post-production company: The Refinery

Longkloof Studios A

Darters Rd Gardens

PO Box 15711

8018 Vaeberg

South Africa

T: +27 21 480 3100

F: +27 21 480 3101


Editor: Jackie Le Cordeur