GALLERY 16: BAT - Parisienne Bat People

In 1991, BAT took the innovative step of giving carte blanche to directorial talents ranging from Jean-Luc Godard to David Lynch to advertise its Swiss brand. Now an annual cinema campaign, each director's brief is to interpret their own perception of 'Parisienne People' - without dialogue. Robert Altmann's sumptuous and sophisticated execution takes us on a below-table-level journey discreetly revealing the goings-on in a restaurant. This campaign attracts vast media coverage, especially when the director isn't revealed until the spot's 'premiere'.

Product/client: Parisienne/BAT

Production company: LDM

34 rue Richer

75009 Paris


T: +33 1 48 00 81 81

F: +33 1 48 00 81 82


Writer: Patrick Doyle (Music)

Director: Robert Altman

Producer: Marc Oberon

Director of Photography: Oliver Stapleton

Music: Patrick Doyle