GALLERY 16: Transport for London - Off the Record

Mike Leigh doesn't make many commercials - his last was nine years ago for McDonalds (a surprise choice for a director famed for his gritty social realism) - but choosing him for this promotion of Transport for London's black cab campaign was inspired. Shot in Leigh's realistic, stark style, the ad opens with a London minicab driver speaking directly to camera in a casual, relaxed manner, inviting us to warm to him and giving no preparation for the shocking conclusion. Thought-provoking stuff.

Product/client: Transport for London

Agency: TBWA/London

76-80 Whitfield St

London W1P 5RQ


T: +44 20 7573 6666

F: +44 20 7573 6622


Creative Director: Trevor Beattie

Agency Producer: Judy Clements

Creative Team: Stuart Harkness, Kerry Gooden

Production company: Cowboy Films

11-29 Smiths Court

Great Windmill Street

London W1V 7PF


T: +44 20 7287 3808

F: +44 20 7287 3785


Director: Mike Leigh

Producers: Georgina Lowe, Robert Bray

Director of Photography: Dick Pope

Post-production company: Framestore CFC

9 Noel St

London W1V 4AL


T: +44 20 7208 2600

F: +44 20 7208 2626


Editor: Peter Goddard; Poppy Films