GALLERY 17: KFO - Invisible carer

A beautifully simple spot for KFO - a workers' union representing, among others, healthcare workers. In order to convey the feeling that these people are undervalued and underpaid, the ad revolves around an invisible presence which helps an old man.To make the lifting movements seem human, cranes and lifts were abandoned in favour of a real person (later removed in post) who did everything from running his hands through the old man's hair to lifting him.

Product/client: KFO CarersAssociation

Agency: Leo Burnett

Drammensveien 130

0277 Oslo


T: +47 22 926 900

F: +47 22 926 999

Creative Director: Paul Westum

Agency Producer: Vigdis Roset

Writer: Oddeinar Hennoy

Production company: Moland Film Company

Langebrogade 6e

1411 Copenhagen


T: +45 32 961 246


Director: Roenberg

Producer: Magnus Waal

Director of Photography: Gaute Gunnari

Post-production company: The Chimney Pot

Inkognitogt. 8

0258 Oslo


T: +47 22 13 51 70

F: +47 22 13 51 71


Editor: Chimney Pot

Music: Sibelius

Flame Artist: Chimney Pot

Sound Design: Chimney Pot