GALLERY 17: MTV - Roller Coaster, Mountain

A perceptive and down-to-earth strategy from Mother ensures that, for once, sexual awareness ads aimed at young people are not patronising. Female creative team Caroline and Kim have taken the issues out of the bedroom and onto the street, creating scenarios in which an irresponsible guy gives lame excuses to justify his behaviour. He meets with a nasty end. Spot-on dialogue and casting mean that, hopefully, the target audience will sit up and take notice.

Product/client: MTV

Agency: Mother

200 St Johns St

London EC1V 4RN


T: +44 20 7689 0689

F: +44 20 7689 1689


Creative Director: Mark Waites

Agency Producer: Fiona Plumstead

Art Director: Kim Gehrig

Writer: Caroline Pay

Production company: Public Interest Productions/

1630 12th Street

Santa Monica



T: +1 310 664 4500

F: +1 1 310 664 4600

Director: Mike Franzini

Producers: Rudi Russow, Doug Allenstein

Director of Photography: Tim Pike

Post-production company: VTR

64 Dean St

London W1V 5HG


T: +44 20 7437 0026

F: +44 20 7439 9427


Editor: Andy Macgraw; Cut&Run

Music: Alex; Scramble

Flame Artist: vtr