GALLERY 17: VW - Steamroller

It's rare that South African ad agencies get to work with big budgets, but when they do, they certainly make the most of them. Feeling more like a slice from an action film than a commercial, we witness a steam roller wreaking havoc through the streets of Cape Town. It was shot by one of South Africa's leading directors Kim Geldenhuys, who manages not only to produce some convincing stunts but captures the perfect smug look from the confident VW driver.

Product/client: VW-SA

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, RS-T&M (Cape)

PO Box 1142

8000 Cape Town

South Africa

T: +27 21 461 6212

F: +27 21 465 6508


Creative Director: Greg Burke

Agency Producer: Emma Lundy

Art Directors: Ryan Reed, Chris Gotz

Writers: Ryan Reed, Chris Gotz

Production company: Egg

168 Buitengracht Street

Cape Town


T: +44 2142660728

Director: Kim Geldenhuys

Producer: Colin Howard

Director of Photography: Paul Gilpin

Post-production company: The Refinery

Longkloof Studios A

Darters Rd Gardens

PO Box 15711

8018 Vaeberg

South Africa

T: +27 21 480 3100

F: +27 21 480 3101


Editor: Kobus Loots

Flame Artist: Marco Barbosa

Sound Design: Kobus Loots