GALLERY 18: Beit Noam - Hand

Gideon Amichay has created a powerful ad for Israel's organisation for preventing domestic violence, Beit Noam. A single image holds the viewer throughout the 45-second black-and-white ad: a man's hand, initially turned upwards in a loving pose, rotates slowly alongside happy observations: "This is the hand that stroked your hair on your first date." As the hand suddenly turns into a fist, the fantasy is shattered. A simple and powerful treatment of an emotive topic without being overly dramatic.

Product/client: Beit Noam

Agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Young & Rubicam

13 Rosanis St

69018 Tel Aviv


T: +972 3 649 3311

F: +972 3 649 3334


Creative Directors: Gideon Amichay, Yoram Levi

Agency Producer: Oryan Tessler

Art Director: Edi Fox

Writer: Yair Zisser

Production company: Ishay Hadas

23 Lipsky St

62195 Tel Aviv


T: +972 3 605 5669

F: +972 3 605 1089


Director: Guy Sagi

Producer: Ishay Hadas

Director of Photography: Tobi Hochestein

Post-production company: Broadcast

44 Harakevet St.

67770 Tel Aviv


T: +972 3 638 4747

F: +972 3 638 4700


Editor: Yuval Sher

Flame Artist: Vered Lev

Sound Design: Beni Nuvel