GALLERY 18: Cup-a-Soup - Marathon

Recognising that everyone is familiar with Cup-a-Soup and how it's made, Mother rejected the familiar product demonstration in favour of something more irreverent. Its priority was to modernise the brand which it attempts using a stylish, humorous and unexpected approach. Subverting the notion of traditional Cup-a-Soup moments, we see the drink in bizarre situations. Unusually high production values within the category and the warped humour make these ads really stand out.

Product/client: Cup-a-Soup

Agency: Mother

200 St John's St

London EC1V 4RN, UK

T: +44 20 7689 0689


Creative Team: Mother

Production company: Partizan

7 Westbourne Grove Mews

W11 2UR London, UK

T: +44 20 7792 8483


Director: Traktor

Producer: Philippa Smith

Director of Photography: Tim Maurice Jones

Post-production companies

Golden Square

11 Golden Square

London W1R 3AF, UK

T: +44 20 7300 3555


The Moving Picture Company

127-133 Wardour Street

London W1V 4NL, UK

T: +44 20 7434 3100


Editor: Russell Icke;Whitehouse

Flame Artist: Richard Horin

Sound Design: Jungle