Gallery 19: D&AD Awards - Sci-Fi Channel

The strange, otherworldliness of the Sci-Fi Channel has been beautifully captured in this series of idents which won a Silver Award at D&AD. Shot by features director and director of photography, Erick Ifergan, the spots feature a funny little creature with large ears and a long tongue. As if this wasn't enough, the spot becomes all the more subversive when the human sticks his own tongue out to make contact with the animal.

Client/Title: Sci-Fi Channel/'Sci-Fi Brand Identity'

Agency: Lambie Nairn

Greencoat House

Francis Street

London SW1P 1DH


T: +44 20 7802 5800

F: +44 20 7802 5801

Agency Producer: Sophie Rogerson

Creative Teams: Paul Owen, Brian Eley, Roger Guillen, Dave Howe, Michael


Production company: RSA Films

42-44 Beak St

London W1R 3DA


T: +44 20 7437 7426

F: +44 20 7734 4978


Director: Erick Ifergan

Producer: Gunilla De Santo

Post-production company: Glassworks

Top Floor

33-34 Gt Pulteney Street

London W1R 3DE


T: +44 20 7434 1182

F: +44 20 7434 1183


Music: Johnnie Burn; Wave

Inferno Artists: James Allen, Crawford Reilly, Rachel Mills, Ian

Richardson, Paul Dickson, Jake Montgomery

3Ds: Claus Pederson, Sean Elliot, Erika Bengtson, Mike Smith, David