GALLERY 19: Music video directors - Francois Valla and Laurent Bebin

Francois Valla and Laurent Bebin met at the Ecole d'Art Paris-Cergy in 1998 and were soon exhibiting their graphics and art together around Europe and as far away as Seoul. Their first short was shown at the Beaubourg Festival and soon after their friends in the group Phunky Data commissioned their first music video. Many promos have followed, including bands like Kaolin, Olaf Hund and Shakedown. They still exhibit their work in Paris and are currently writing a feature length script and looking to break into commercials.

Francois Valla and Laurent Bebin

Kaolin 'Pour le Pen'


Production company: Partizan Midi Minuit

Paris, France

T: +33 1 53 45 01 23

Director: Francois Laurent

Producer: Charlotte Lepot

Director of Photography: Jerome Krumenacher

Post-production company: Mikros Image

Paris, France

T: +33 1 55 63 11 00

Editor: Walter Moiroit

Flame Artists: Guillaume Pondard

Laurent Creusot

Stephane Pivron