GALLERY 19: Private View - Mitsubishi

"A charming little girl talks about her love for animals while holding a little rabbit in her arms. In Remo's eyes, it turns out to be just another quiet day in the life of a "tougher" family and the rabbit is just the breakfast for her real pet: a hungry crocodile. A fresh-out-of-the-box and undoubtedly memorable car commercial that makes a perfect portrait of what the brand's potential buyers ('tough-guy wannabes') look for in a 4X4." (RA)

Client/title: Mitsubishi/'Rabbit'

Agency: Remo Asatsu

C/Serrano, 3

4a Planta

Madrid 28001


T: +34 91 431 9296

F: +34 91 576 7909


Creative Directors: Monica Sierra, Jose Luis Moro

Agency Producers: Alvaro Gorospe, Sonia Gomez

Art Director: Monica Sierra

Writer: Jose Luis Moro

Production company: Alamo Films

C/Saxifraga 1

28036 Madrid


T: +34 91 353 11 30

F: +34 91 353 1140


Director: Julio del Alamo

Producer: Antonio Ruiz

Director of Photography: Christos Bodouris

Post-production company: Telson

Alcala 518

28027 Madrid


T: +34 91 754 6700

F: +34 91 754 6724

Editor: Christos Bodouris

Sound Design: Jingle Box