GALLERY 20: Best of the US - PETA

Saatchi & Saatchi seems to have a thing about copulating creatures (see also Club 18-30). This time, it's the Vancouver office which vividly depicts the sexual habits of our furry friends. Here we see various felines in a range of positions - all very funny until we are told that 2.4 million unwanted kittens are born each year and that most will be put to death. Using humour to portray a serious message works brilliantly here and we are left feeling slightly guilty at our amusement.



PETA/'Bad cats'

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Drum

1455 West Georgia

2nd floor

V6G2T3 Vancouver

British Columbia


T: +1 604 687 8852

F: +1 604 687 7003

Creative Director: David Whitehouse

Art Director: David Whitehouse

Writer: Nicholas Racz

Production company: Circle Productions

1620 West 5th Av


British Columbia

V6J 1N8


T: +1 604 714 4288

F: +1 604 733 1142

Director: Nicholas Racz