Gallery 21: D&AD Awards - Catch Me If You Can

Sexy animated credits to top and tail Spielberg's latest big screen drama. Powerful imagery borrowed from spy films of the 1960s and enhanced by seductive, jazzy sound design that brilliantly builds the anticipation of the feature film to come. Black silhouetted figures dart across a background of primary reds and deep blues; men in top hats and secretaries tapping at their typewriters all say that this is New York, and the mood is sassy.

Production company: Nexus Productions

113-114 Shoreditch High St

E1 6JN London


T: +44 20 7749 7500

F: +44 20 7749 7501

Director: Kuntzel & Deygas

Producers: Charlotte Bavasso

Chris O'Reilly

Music: John Williams