GALLERY 21: Private View - Caja Madrid

"Some products are harder to advertise than others. Nearly all mortgage campaigns are based around the promise that one brand can offer you everything. To represent them as a bald idiot who appears every time you try to make an additional expenditure is a great idea. It's an idea that I wish I'd had myself."(JLE)

Client/Title: Caja Madrid/'Bed'

Agency: FCB/Tapsa

C/Jenner 3

28010 Madrid


T: +34 91 319 0462

F: +34 91 310 2668


Creative Director: Jose Carnero

Production company: Alamo Films

C/Saxifraga No.1

28036 Madrid


T: +34 91 353 11 30

F: +34 91 353 1140


Director: Fran Torres

Director of Photography: Juani Aztiroz