Gallery 22: The One Show Awards - ESPN

In this ad, part of the 'Without Sports' branding effort for the cable sports channel, three office workers play a game based on baseball, except it involves getting a Nerf ball onto a shelf. The tagline is brilliant: 'Without Sports, this would just be a shelf.' A great effort in ESPN's first comprehensive branding attempt, and a Gold winner at The One Show.

Client/Title: ESPN/'Shelfball'

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy NY

150 Varick Street, 7th Floor

New York 10013



T: +1 917 661 5200

F: +1 917 661 5200

Creative Director: Todd Waterbury

Agency Producer: Brian Cooper

Art Director: Kevin Proudfoot

Writer: Kim Shoen

Production company: RSA

634 North La Peer Drive

Los Angeles CA 90069


T: +1 310 659 1577

F: +1 310 659 1377

Director: Acne

Producer: Nicole Whitaker

Post-production company: Mad River Post Santa Monica

2415 Main Street

Santa Monica CA 90405


T: +1 310 392 1577

F: +1 310 392 3261