GALLERY 22: Private View - McDonald's

"I love ads that don't try to make a mark in advertising history. For this particular promotion by McDonald's, Vitruvio Leo Burnett adopts humour and exaggeration. The approach isn't new but the gag is. With this kind of promotion, a brand can, as well as selling its products, enhance its image without the need for boastful campaigns."

Client/title: McDonald's/'Lettuce'

Agency: Vitruvio Leo Burnett

Duque de Sevilla 3

28001 Madrid


T: +34 91 590 5000

F: +34 91 590 5050


Creative Directors: Rafa Anton, Javier Alvarez

Agency Producer: David De La Flor

Art Director: Javier Alvarez

Writers: Curro Martinez, Rafa Anton

Production company: Got Film?

Pau Claris 177, 4a, 1o

08037 Barcelona


T: +34 93 487 4488

F: +34 93 216 0793

Director: Hugo Menduina

Producer: Javier Closa

Director of Photography: Quim Miguel

Post-production companies

El Quirofano



Molinare S.A.

Alcala 226

28027 Madrid


T: +34 91 725 9407

F: +34 91 726 2493


Editor: A.D.B. "Peru"

Fire Artist: Dave Burton

Sound Design: Sonodigi