Gallery 22: Spies - bathroom, Rain

Danish travel agency Spies takes a comedy route to trumpet its bargain prices, with scenarios relating to various destinations. In 'Bathroom', a man shaves his hair off and wears an orange towel, Thai monk style, to the consternation of his young daughter. A wig was used on a bald actor, rather than risk a single take. In 'Rain', a family is drenched by a passing car, referencing the theme-park rides of the Canary Islands. Director Martin Werner interprets Bates Copenhagen's scripts with customary aplomb, shooting five executions in four days.

Product/client: Spies travel agency

Agency: Bates Copenhagen

Landemaerket 29

1119 Copenhagen K


t: +45 33 13 79 13

f: +45 33 15 73 15


Creative Director: Ib Borup

Art Director: Peter Strange

Writer: Rasmus Laumann

Agency Producer: Mette Worm

Production company: Bacon CPH

Kronprinsessegade 2 2nd

DK-1306 Copenhagen K


t: +45 70 20 22 86

f: +45 70 20 22 89


Director: Martin Werner

Producer: Lene Mejer

Director of Photography: Nicolaj Bruel

Post-production company: Sonne

Sortedam Dossering 55

2100 Copenhagen O


t: +45 35 37 44 77

f: +45 35 39 72 25

Editor: Niels Thornberg

Music: Thomas Langballe; Skarbye & Therkelson

Flame Artist: Jan Tvilling