GALLERY 23: Corsa Lite - Various

Car advertising is tricky at the best of times but appealing to a youth audience at the same time is not an enviable task. Yet using a combination of humour, originality and a surreal storyline, Network BBDO have managed to tap into the mindset of fickle youth. The campaign began as a series of unscripted radio ads with the creative team taking on the characters of Raj and Raj 2. The ads have become a cultural phenomenon, have attracted Key a merchandising deal, and sold a few cars.

Product/client: Corsa Lite

Agency: Network BBDO

Albury Road


Hyde Park


South Africa

T: +27 11 447 7111

F: +27 11 447 4529


Creative Director: Mike Schalit

Agency Producer: Caroline Switala

Art Director: Grame Jenner

Writer: Brad Reilly

Production company: Shape Interactive

South Africa

T: +27 11 807 8181

F: +27 11