GALLERY 23: Private View - Flex

"One of the merits of this campaign is achieving stand-out with a product that we pay little attention to - a mattress, always hidden beneath the sheets, invisible. The other merit is the language: in Spain, it is very unusual to use the sort of absurd ideas so much liked by Ground Zero and Mother. Tapsa is an agency with two facets. The first produces populist campaigns with easy messages, and the second, more experimental work. This second Tapsa has had a magnificent year and this is one of their jewels." (TS)

Client/Title: Colchones Flex/'Reflex'

Agency: FCB/Tapsa

C/Jenner 3

28010 Madrid


T: +34 91 319 0462

F: +34 91 310 2668


Creative Director: Jose Carnero

Production company: Nine to Five

Laurin, 53

28043 Madrid


T: +34 91 722 91 50

F: +34 91 300 44 58


Director: Igor Fioravanti

Producer: Rocio Ulloa

Director of Photography: Pedro del Rey

Post-production company: Daltons Digital Brothers

c/Gabriel Lobo 9

28002 Madrid


T: +34 91 562 3084