GALLERY 25: Private View - Honda

"Honda is in such a magnanimous mood that it has just signed-off a sixty second commercial with ... no car in it! A Marc Caro style factory line stamps out 'Oks' until someone asks the question 'What if?'. It's a joy to watch. Whether you could tack any brand name on the end, though, is open to question. The CRV spot, which presents the perils of Orpington to the natives of Patagonia in a Cinema Paradiso style, is on much surer ground." (GM)

Client/title: Honda/'OK Factory'

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

4th Floor

Elsey Court

20-22 Great Titchfield Street

London W1P 7AD


T: +44 20 7299 6800

F: +44 20 7323 4183

Agency Producer: Charlie Tinson

Creative Directors: Tony Davidson; Kim Papworth

Art Director/Writer: Richard Russell

Writers: Richard Russell, Michael Russoff

Production company: Nexus Productions

113-114 Shoreditch High Street

London E1 6JN


T: +44 20 7749 7500

F: +44 20 7749 7501

Director: Satoshi Tomioka