GALLERY 26: Florida Dept of Health - Focus, Junkyard Dog

This is an effective spot, which really hammers home the dangers of smokeless tobacco. It cleverly uses an unrelated and yet poignant example to put across the horrors of oral cancer. The idea of having little regard for your mouth if you use chewing tobacco is emphasized by a gruesome scene of a man allowing a wild dog to feast on his barbecue sauce-covered tongue. A repulsive visual picture, but extremely thought provoking.

Product/client: Florida Dept of Health

Agency: Crispin Porter Bogusky

Miami, FL USA

t: +1 305 859 2070

Creative Director: Alex Bogusky

Art Directors: Alex Burnard*, Paul Keister

Writers: Brian Tierney*, Bob Clanfrone

Agency Producers: David Rolfe, Rupert Samuel*

Production companies: Tony K

Santa Monica, CA USA

t: +1 310 315 0366

Director: Tony Kaye*

Producer: Adam Gross*

Director of Photography: Tony Kaye*

Oil Factory Films

Hollywood, CA USA

t: +1 323 466 7306

Director: Pedro Romhanyi

Producer: Gareth Francis

Director of Photography: Jeff Cutler

Post-production companies: Riot

Santa Monica CA USA

t: +1 310 656 7663

Editor: Tony Kearns; Swordfish

Final Cut: New York NY USA

t: +1 212 375 9800

Editor: Kirk Baxter*

* Junkyard Dog