GALLERY 26: Private View - Kit Kat

"It's easy to be constructive about the new Kit Kat campaign, now that our fine four-fingered friend is agitating more vigorously for breaks per se. Have a break, not breakdown is the new sentiment. (Note to Kit Kat copycats: only brand leaders should attempt this sort of stuff.) It's one of those neat little shifts of strategy that chucks out the bathwater but preserves the baby. The 'salmon' commercial stakes out the turf effectively and likeably enough but it feels like there's plenty of room left for creative manoeuvre."

Client/Title: Kit Kat/'You are not a Salmon'

Agency: JWT London

1 Knightsbridge Green

London SW1X 7NW


T: +44 20 7656 7000

F: +44 20 7656 7010


Creative Director: Jaspar Shelbourne

Art Director: Nick Wootton

Writer: Jonathan John

Production company: Academy Commercials

16 West Central Street

London WC1A 1JJ


T: +44 20 7395 4155

F: +44 20 7240 0355


Director: Peter Cattaneo

Producer: Sally Campbell

Director of Photography: Alwin Knuckler

Post production company: The Quarry

26-28 Brewer St

London W1R 3FW

T: 7437 4969

F: 7437 1491

Editor: Scott Crane