GALLERY 26: Private View - Nashua Mobile

"It's difficult to think of two great ads outside of Saatchi & Saatchi but I'll give it a bash. My first choice is Nashua Tennis Sponsorship campaign featuring Anna Kournikova. One of the ads shows the ball boy surreptitiously sniffing the ball. I love this ad because there are so many PC ads out there that spend a good 60 seconds avoiding the subject matter. Whereas this one simply tears ass past the strawberry straight to the selling proposition." (BW)

Client/title: Nashua Mobile/Sniff

Agency: TBWA Hunt Lascaris

PO Box 785203


2146 Johannesburg

South Africa

T: +27 11 884 0570

F: +27 11 883 7624

Creative director: Sue Anderson

Agency producer: Juanita Strydom

Art directors

Chris Garbutt

Paul Anderson

Writers: Sue Anderson, Nicolas Hulley

Production company: Accelerator Films

58 Wessels Road



South Africa

T: +27117849391

Director: David Gillard

Producer: Keren Kilkoyn

Director of photography: Werner Maritz

Post-production company: Prime Cut Post Production

PO Box 336


2123 Johannesburg

South Africa

T: +27 11 784 9391

F: +27 11 883 8844

Editor: Paul West