GALLERY 26: Private View Netherlands - Tempo Team

"'Tempo Team' is a graduate of the same school of nicely-observed narrative as the Amstel ad. With a production budget marginally larger than the tab from the Amstel film and a typically Dutch warts-and-all cast, Neboko (a creatively-led agency recently swallowed by TBWA) has made Tempo's proposition loud and clear. No budget-swallowing production values, no fit-inducing camera angles, just a nice, old-fashioned good idea. And that always works, even if the temps don't."



Tempo Team/'Motor', 'Goodbye'*

Agency: TBWA/Neboko Campaign

Stadhouderskade 79

1072 Amsterdam


T: +31 20 571 5300

F: +31 20 571 5600

Art Directors: Pieter Scheltema, Matthys Slot*

Writers: Bart Heyboer, Ernst Jan Van Rossen*

Agency Producer: Erik Jan Verheyen

Production company: Hazazah Film & Photography

Plantage Parklaan

no 9

1018 SR Amsterdam


T: +31 20 422 6422

F: +31 20 624 0257


Director: Wim

Producer: Lex Szanto

Director of Photography: Theo Bienhens

Post-production company: Hectic Electric

Keizersgracht 736

1017 EX Amsterdam


T: +31 20 330 8250

F: +31 20 330 8251


Editor: Ben Isaacs

Sound Design: Earforce