GALLERY 27: Best of the US - Reebok

Reebok's spot featuring Terry Tate broke during the Super Bowl and was seen by an estimated audience of 130 million American viewers. However, it seems that the public can't get enough of Terry's tough approach as the ad has since been emailed around the world.

It's a great performance from the Office Linebacker, whose tactics include knocking out an employee who neglected to make a new pot of coffee.

The latest installment, a spoof of Nike's Super Bowl ad, is also creating considerable web traffic (see opposite).

Client/Title: Reebok/'Terry Tate Office Linebacker'

Agency: Arnell Group Brand Consulting

130 Prince Street

5th Floor

New York 10012

New York


T: +1 212 219 8400

F: +1 212 334 0175

Creative Director: Peter Arnell

Agency Producer: Miriam Franklin

Production company: Hypnotic

80 South Street

3rd Floor

New York NY 10038

New York


T: +1 212 809 3202

F: +1 212 809 3209


Director: Rawson Thurber

Producers: Gary Bryman

Steve Hein

Jason Mercer

Director of Photography: Eric Haase

Post-production company: Swietlik Editorial

1635 12th Street

Santa Monica CA90404



T: +1 310 450 1116

F: +1 310 450 1166

Sound Design: Comma