GALLERY 27: Private View - Clerical Medical

"The brand's new TV work features a content policy-holder smugly reaching for his alarm clock's snooze option and his female alter ego hiring a cab to cross a busy road. This because: 'If the future's sorted, you can afford to live a little.' The ads are pleasant enough and modishly tongue-in-cheek, but this is a plain-vanilla strategy that needs choc-chip executions to cut through. My constructive criticism? Live a little."

Client/Title: Clerical Medical/Various

Agency: Partners BDDH

15 Alfred Close

London WC1 7EB


T: +44 20 7467 9200

F: +44 20 7467 9210


Creative Director: Nick Hastings

Agency Producer: Alison Mayow

Art Director: Steve Back

Writer: Murray Blackett

Production company: Rose Hackney Barber

5/6 Kingly St

London W1B 5PF


T: +44 20 7439 6697

F: +44 20 7434 4102


Director: Daniel Barber

Producer: Matthew Brown

Director of Photography: Steven Blackman

Post-production company: Soho 601 (SVC/XTV/One)

71 Dean St

London W1V 5HB


T: +44 20 7439 2730

F: +44 20 7734 3331

Editor: Adam Jenkins