GALLERY 28: Best of the US - Reebok

This spoof of Nike 'Streaker' broke during American Idol. The ad, which was completed in a single shooting day, shows a man streaking exactly as the hero of Nike's Super Bowl spot - only instead of getting away, the Reebok nudie boy is tackled by Terry Tate, the Office Linebacker. The ad is a dead-on parody of the Nike spot, and the producers even managed to get their hands on a pair of Nike Shox. It is also a great use of a really funny character.

Client/Title: Reebok/'Terry Tate on the Field'

Agency: Arnell Group Brand Consulting

130 Prince Street

5th Floor

New York 10012

New York


T: +1 212 219 8400

F: +1 212 334 0175

Creative Director: Peter Arnell

Agency Producer: Miriam Franklin

Production company: Hypnotic

Santa Monica



T: +1 310 453 2345

Director: Rawson Thurber

Producers: Gary Bryman

Jason Mercer

Steve Hein

Director of Photography: Eric Haase

Post-production company: Blue Rock Editing

575 Lexington Ave

New York 10022



T: +1 212 752 3348

F: +1 212 752 9739

Editor: David Elkins

Music: Bryan Rheudy; Comma

Sound Design: David Hutten; Comma