GALLERY 28: Private View - KP

"Hurrah! KP McKoys has a strategy. Boo! They're not brilliantly shot. Still, the thought of positioning the brand in the pub - where a crisp is truly put through it's paces - is strong. I like the fact that the crisp is given the same reverence as the pint. And it's true. With the Chicken Chilli Marsala still a good five hours away, you need a snack of substance. I'm normally a Walkers man, but when I'm in my cups only the sheer density of a McKoy will do. Stick with this. It's a rich seam." (LB)

Client/title: KP McCoys/various

Agency: Publicis

82 Baker St

London W1M 2AE


T: +44 20 7935 4426

F: +44 20 7487 3317


Creative Director: Gerry Moira

Agency Producer: Julie Anderson

Art Director: Stephen Glenn

Writer: Noel Sharman

Production company: Outsider

2nd Floor

41-42 Foley Street

London W1P 7LD


T: +44 20 7636 6666

F: +44 20 7323 0242


Director: Ric Cantor

Producer: Benji Howel

Director of Photography: Oliver Curtis

Post-production company: Rushes

66 Old Compton St

London W1V 4PA


T: +44 20 7437 8676

F: +44 20 7734 3002


Editor: John Mayes;Marshall Street Editors

Music: Bet on VP/Come On

Flame Artist: Derek Moore

Sound Design: Jonni;Wave