Gallery 30: Best of the US - Mountain Dew

An inventive idea fantastically executed in a quirky stylish cartoon style format. Take Road Runner and replace this animated version with a human racing around town, flying off buildings and getting caught up in all kinds of scrapes. The superb animated moments and great sound design, borrowed from Loony Tunes, amounts to a genuinely funny spot with a slick Latin twist thrown in for good measure.

Client/Title: Mountain Dew/'Animated'

Agency: BBDO New York

1285 Ave of the Americas

New York NY 10019

New York


T: +1 212 459 5000

F: +1 212 459 5092


Creative Directors: Bill Bruce, Ted Sann

Creative Team: Bill Bruce

Production company: Mars Media

7 West 18th Street

New York 10011

New York


T: +1 212 627 0190

F: +1 212 627 5947

Director: Sam Bayer

Producer: Helene Balzarini

Director of Photography: Sam Bayer

Post-production company: Nomad Editing Company Inc

1661 19th Street

Santa Monica 90404



T: +1 310 828 4999

F: +1 310 828 3950


Editor: John Murray

Music: John Adair & Jim Stempel; Ad Music

Sound Design: Francois Blaignan

Visual Effects Supervisors: Francois Blaignan; NoMad, Method Studios