GALLERY 30: Most Talked About - Rede Globo

This unusual spot divided opinion in Brazil when it was aired by national broadcaster Rede Globo as part of a TV peace initiative in March. Its creator, the W/Brasil president and creative director Washington Olivetti, was himself a kidnap victim in 2002, and has used the experience to make a brave spot calling for peace. Using barely any visuals, his voice ponders the future of peace and its potency as a product in the minds of consumers. While some have branded it a cynical exercise designed to boost Olivetti's profile, others applaud its daring.


Rede Globo/'Peace'

Agency: W/Brasil Publicidade

Rua Novo Horizonte 78

CEP 01244-020

Sao Paulo


T: +55 11 257 7788

F: +55 11 255 2993


Creative Directors: Washington Olivetto, Gabriel Zellmeister

Art Director: Gabriel Zellmeister

Writers: Washington Olivetto, Ricardo Freire

Production company: ABA Filmes


T: +55 11 3151 5599

Director: Andres Bukowinski

Director of Photography: Luiz Scalercio

Post-production company: ABA Filmes


T: +55 11 3151 5599

Editor: Sylvio Renoldi Junior

Sound Design: Luca Raele; YB