Gallery 31: Best of the US - Visa

Kuntz & Maguire wittily bring a suitcase to life in this innovative Visa campaign. The ad centres around every traveller's worst nightmare- an empty carousel and no sign of your luggage. But imagine what would happen if your suitcase had a homing device. We see it all here, a lost bag battling to get back to its owner, climbing hills, leaping across oceans - the action made all the more exciting via splitscreen. The upbeat, light-hearted soundtrack matches the visuals perfectly.

Client/Title: Visa/'Lost Luggage'

Agency: Leo Burnett Company

175 Bloor St East

North Tower


Ontario M4W 3R9


T: +1 416 925 5997

F: +1 416 925 9756


Creative Director: Judy John

Agency Producer: Dena Thompson

Art Directors: Frank Lepre, Raul Gianetta

Writers: Judy John, Sean Barlow, Josh Rachlis

Production company: New New Films

517 Wellington Street West

Toronto M5V1G1


T: +1 416 598 8066


Director: Kuntz & McGuire

Producer: Geoff Cornish

Director of Photography: Steve Keith Roach

Post-production company: Flash Cut

504 Wellington Street West

Toronto M5V 1E3


T: +1 416 977 2401


Editor: Mick Griffin

Music: Groove Addicts

Flame Artist: Jeff Campbell

Sound Design: Groove Addicts